KiedisGal's Ode to Rockinfreakapotami


What the hey are Rockinfreakapotami??: Rockinfreakapotami are members of the Official Red Hot Chili Peppers Fan Club. To become a member is easy, just read on!

My Rockinfreakapotamus experience: On August 19 1996, I wrote a very longwinded email to "Head Honcho", whom I only knew then as Blackie Dammett, Anthony Kiedis' father. It was to nervously ask If he'd like to contribute (by telling me what the band may think) to my book "Emails Of Funky Love". A few days later I received a lovely, charming reply saying that regretfully he didn't have time to help me out, but he'd love to know how I went with my "project" and wished me luck. I wrote him back and thanked him and we have been keeping in touch ever since through our email. I became official member # 1616 of Rockinfreakapotamus on September 11, 1996 (according to the postmark on my package) *grins*.

10 reasons to join:

  1. You're a Red Hot Chili Peppers fan (oh duh!) *smiles*
  2. You want the latest information direct from the people who know them best
  3. You need to get to know other dedicated fans around the globe
  4. You think you have something to contribute (drawings, poetry, letters) that shows the guys your love
  5. You want access to really cool merchandise from Peppers eras past and present
  6. Anthony (the sexy songweaver himself)
  7. Flea (the cutest and funkiest bassist in the known universe)
  8. John (the guitarist we all know and love)
  9. Chad (the grand, rhythmic master drummer)

AND if that's not enough convincing: I received this photo in my first fan package (you get a photo of your fave Pepper, not JUST Anthony ones):

Cool, huh??? The little cutie with the pouty lip is Anthony's bro, James. *smiles* Isn't he just adorable?
Please do not use this photo without my permission!

Make contact now!!:

Web Site: (Thank you to Head Honcho for putting on a link to my homepage *HUGEBEARHUGS*)

Let me know if you do join, okay? Thanks!

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