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Last Updated - 3 March, 2003

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Hiya, KiedisGal here! My real name is Felice Tanya Vaiani, I'm 27(I am an Aquarian, born Jan 31,1978), a gal and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I have had a physical disability called Cerebral Palsy since birth and I whizz around in a superfast motorized wheelchair. I am 5'4",50 kg (110 lbs), I have black hair and brown eyes and I (unfortunately) wear glasses for both seeing and reading. I have 13 piercings, I also have 3 tattoos! One on my stomach, it is a rainbow Aquarius symbol with my birthdate underneath, a red rose in a celtic heart on my right breast and MAIHEM with a purple single tail on my left arm. Yes, all of my body modifications hurt, but each varied in degree of pain.

I greatly enjoy reading and writing almost anything. I am an only child.

I love being a Gothic, and I am Wiccan. My dream is to work as a freelance author/script-playwright. Contact me with work or encouragement anytime.


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