KiedisGal's Red Hot Love!

This page is dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It is hard to express just how much their music has impacted positively on my life, but I'll try!

While I am a relatively new fan (discovering them with "BloodSugarSexMagik"), I am steadily discovering their other work. I have found that each new sound I hear deepens my appreciation so much more, and that feeling is magical! *smiles* I feel my life is enriched by the presence of the Peppers music. Non Peppers fans may say this is sentimental rubbish, but they won't know unless they experience the love for themselves. Something inside me was completed with their "soulshocking sounds" and I didn't feel so alone anymore!

The band's line up has gone through many changes...Anthony Kiedis on lead vocals and Flea on bass with Hillel Slovak/John Frusciante/Dave Navarro on guitar and Jack Irons/Chad Smith on drums (not to mention all of the musicians who joined the Peppers for a short time, who I admire), but one thing remains constant. The band's unrivalled strength to produce great music through times of tragedy. This band has overcome many personal and group obstacles to be the inspiration that they are to me today...and that's a key reason why I love them so much. Thank you for everything, my RED HOT friends! My support is with you always! *bigmassivebearhugs to you all, and a prayer for Hillel in Heaven* I love you!

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